damp drainer 


Back Panel



  Xteel accessories will complete your project and make your kitchen more functional. They were designed as an operational support in the kitchen to help you wash, prepare, and cook food.


- Dry Drainers: have accessories like the (wooden) knife holder, (wooden) cutting board, spice holders, bottle drainers, metal compartments with lid and switches.

- Damp Drainers: are used to hold the following accessories: dish drainer, cutlery drainer, glass drainer, and sponge/washing-up liquid holder.

- Gourmet Unit: designed to help you cooking, the Xteel Gourmet Unit enables you to keep the sauces and dishes already prepared at an ideal temperature thanks to its Bain Marie.
linear gourmet unit   
  The way space is used is a very important part of any kitchen project. Keeping that in mind, Xteel designed a Back Panel to use the vertical space between the lower and upper units. It has a bar to hang utensils and comes with fitted shelves to hold any other appliances, and thereby organize the space rationally.  
back panel with bar   
fitted shelf   
  For a perfect combination of our accessories with your kitchen, Xteel has designed a line of handles that work as added decoration for your project. Made of stainless steel, they adapt to the laminated plastic doors of the rest of the kitchen.  
  Designed as part of the finish, the Xteel steel skirting is one more detail that will enhance your kitchen.  
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